Columbine victims | Columbine 911 Calls | Student call transcript
911 calls from in and around Columbine High School
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Dispatcher: Columbine Senior High School. There's been a shooting. There's a female in the south parking lot. OK, I'm sorry, can you tell me where she is?

Student: She's in the south parking lot on the lower parking lot.

Dispatcher: She's in the parking lot, the lower one?

Student: Right, toward the east end of that parking lot .... I just saw everyone running. I just saw the smoke.

Dispatcher: OK. We had a report of explosions down there. Is there a car fire or anything? Student: People are saying there's a gun.

Dispatcher: Do you know if anyone was carrying a weapon out there?

Student: No, I do not. There's like smoke going off in the parking lot right now. There are loud noises. I'm not sure exactly. A cop is pulling up.

Dispatcher: Can you direct them?

Student: No, but they're going in the right direction. People are running out of the school like mad right now.

Dispatcher: Where is the female ... is she still in that south parking lot?

Student: I can't see her anymore. I ran to the phone.

Dispatcher: Can you see anything else?

Student: A lot of people are at the front of the parking lot and they're running out.

Dispatcher: When the kids came out of the school, which direction were they going?

Student: They went down towards the street.

Dispatcher: What part is this? Is it like the gym area, the cafeteria or just classrooms?

Student: They're coming from like the commons, the lunch area right now.

Dispatcher: The commons area?

Student: Everyone's running and I'm still standing here.

Dispatcher: You're out of the way of danger, aren't you?

Student: I believe so, I don't know.

Dispatcher: Do you mind if I keep you on the phone here so you can tell me if anything else is going on there?

Student: I think the fire alarm is going off right now. Yeah, the fire alarm is going off.