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Columbine Shooting Aftermath 2011

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Twelve Years...

January 11, 2011 -- Robert Butler Jr. shot and killed assistant principal Vicki Kaspar at Millard South High School. He also critically injured principal Curtis Case. Butler, the son of an Omaha police detective, had been called out of class to discuss a criminal trespass citation he had received New Year's Day after he drove over the school's track and football field. He was escorted by security out of the building after the meeting but Butler returned 3.5 hours later and shot the assistant principal and the principal. About an hour later he was found about 2 miles away in his car dead from a self-inflicted gunshot. The weapon he used belonged to his father. An update to Butler's Facebook page, posted before he returned to the school, said (unedited, including spelling errors): "Everybody that used to know me I'm sry. Omaha changed me and fucked me up and the school I know attend is even worse ur gonna here about the evil shit I did but that fuckn school drove me to.this I wont u guys to remember me for who I was b4 this ik I greatly affected the lives of the families I ruined but I'm sorry.goodbye."

February 14, 2011 -- Would-be copycat shooter Christopher Franko sentenced to three to nine years in prison after admitting he plotted a Columbine-type assault on his former high school for the second time in three years.

April 7, 2011 -- A 23-year-old Brazilian man Wellington Oliveira went to his old elementary school and started gunning down kids, shouting "I'm going to kill you all!". He murdered 11 girls and 1 boy (ages 11-14) and injured several others before a policeman shot him in the leg. Oliveira shot and killed himself after being injured.

April 20, 2011 -- A man described as having graying hair and a silver mustache was seen on mall surveillance cameras placing 2 propane tanks and a pipe bomb in a stairwell. He tried to detonate them but was only successful at starting a small fire, which a maintenance man put out before calling authorities. The explosives didn't go off; no one was hurt. Earl Albert Moore was arrested 6 days later for the bombing attempt. He had been out of prison for 1 week after serving time for a bank robbery when he decided to try to bomb the mall. No clear motive was ever established though Sherriff Ted Mink told the press it wasn't Columbine-related.

May 4, 2011 -- A reader of this site posted footage of Littleton and Clement Park as it appears in May, 2011.
Littleton, April 19, 2011
Clement Park 2011