Columbine High School | Columbine's HOPE Memorial Library
Columbine's HOPE Memorial Library
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Repairing and renovating Columbine after the tragedy was a massive effort that involved many people, both in terms of man-power and money. Together volunteers successfully raised money for and renovated the building so it could be re-opened in the fall of 1999 for the return of Columbine's students. There were many changes to the campus so that those students wouldn't be visually reminded of the violence that had occurred there.

After careful consideration by the school board and the community, Columbine's old library was completely removed. Originally on the 2nd floor above the cafeteria, work crews removed the floor in that section and replaced it with an airy atrium. Skylights and screen murals completely changed the look of the cafeteria. A new library was built to one side of Columbine's main building, on the grassy knoll near the west entrance. The new building was named HOPE Columbine Memorial Library, dedicated to the victims of the attack. The project was spear-headed by HOPE (offsite link), an organization formed by families of people who were injured or killed at Columbine. Daniel Mauser's parents expressed their elation at the project's success on their website.

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Grassy knoll where Columbine's new library will be Supportive banner on Columbine High fence during construction

Back of Columbine High where construction begins New HOPE library construction is underway Columbine High's new library being built

Construction begins on the new library. It will stand where the dirt piles are in these pictures.

Columbine High School's new HOPE memorial library Interior of Columbine's new library A student studies in Columbine's new HOPE library
The interior of the new, completed library. Everything looks completely different, even the chairs. The bookshelves that aren't against the wall are all low enough to see over, unlike the old library's rows of tall shelves.

Inside Columbine High School's new memorial library
Inside Columbine High School's new HOPE memorial library.
Columbine High School's new library exterior stairs
Steps leading up to
Columbine's new library.
Hope Columbine Memorial Library exterior
Photo of the outside of HOPE Columbine Memorial Library.