Columbine High School | Outside 1, 2
Outside of Columbine High School
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The following photos are of the outside of Columbine High School during and in the days immediately following the shootings of 4-20-1999. There are also some photos taken at Chatfield High when Columbine students were sent there to finish out the school year while investigations continued at Columbine. You can find newer photos of Columbine High here. Some images below have been resized for quicker loading and can be clicked on to view the full-sized image.

Students and faculty escape from Columbine's teacher's lounge

Downhill from Columbine's west entry. At the top of the photo you can see broken glass from the shot-up doors. At the bottom on the far right is the broken window of the teacher's lounge where SWAT released students and teachers from the school. The white things heaped on the ground are window blinds. Dan Rohrbough's body can be seen at the base of the stairs on the sidewalk, behind the fence.

Columbine High School
Photos of Columbine High School, aerial views.

Aerial view of Columbine's baseball field
Aerial view of Columbine High School's baseball field.

Columbine at night
Picture of Columbine High on the night of 4-20-99

The bomb squad investigates
Forensics and the bomb squad
search Columbine 4-21.
Outside the damaged Columbine cafeteria
Spectators view the outside of the boarded-up cafeteria.

Chatfield parking lotChatfield banner

Chatfield bannerChatfield banner
Chatfield Senior High embraces Columbine in the wake of the tragedy

Back view of ColumbineBack view of Columbine

Back view of ColumbineColumbine's student parking lot

Cafeteria Entrance
Photos taken outside Columbine High School

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