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Copy of Website with Bonus Material (1 CD)
A complete copy of this website as it appears now - including all hosted multimedia files and documents + nearly 700 MB of information that doesn't appear on this site. Includes several videos such as: Full copies of the shooters's videos (Rampart Range and Hitmen for Hire, Radioactive Clothing, and others), the Evidence Exhibit, and interviews with the victims. Also includes 1000s of photos, official reports, interviews, present-day updates, and much more.


Additional Media Files (2 CDs)
Nearly 1400 MB of archived video and sound files as well as more photos and reports. This 2-CD set includes backups of most of the audio and video clips that are linked to this website that are currently hosted on other websites. Includes footage at Columbine during and after the shootings, SWAT team videos, interviews with staff, the Presidental address, 911 calls, 2-part copy of the footage of the interior of Columbine right after the shootings (part of the Fire Department video), nearly 2 minutes of surveillance camera footage, and much more. Due to their large size, when these multimedia files disappear from the internet (which several have since I originally created this page), they most likely will not return for very long thanks to the stringent TOS so many sites now have. This archive lets you have access to those files, online or off.
The Columbine Report & Documents (2 CDs)
These two CDs contain the Columbine Report and the subsequent Columbine Documents that were released years after the initial Report. These CDs also hold a copy of the American Journal of Forensic Psychiatry's summary. There are over 26,860 scanned official documents on this set.
All 5 CDs
Get all five of the CDs above.

What's on the CDs?
A lot of stuff -- so much that I've had to write an index of sorts for the content. There's too much to list here without creating a scrolling list of spam but I've listed a few highlights below. There's a lot more on the CDs though - nearly 4 GB of stuff.

* Backups of all linked media files that can be saved
* 1000s of photos
* Present-day updates about survivors, Columbine, & Littleton
* Near-complete audio file of the library 911 call (4 1/2 mins)
* Complete copies of Rampart Range, Hitmen for Hire
* Over 1000 MB of audio and video files
* Medical & FBI reports + 100s of other official documents
* Games, music, and art influenced by the shootings
* Excerpts from diaries and journals
* Unpublished 1999 Columbine yearbook pages
* Current pictures of permanent Columbine memorials
* Archives of news dating back to 1999
* Copies of Eric Harris' webpages & Doom* files
* Transcripts of plays & movie clips
* Information about copycat shootings
* Much more
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