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Dylan's Memorial Cross
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Greg Zanis, a carpenter from Illinois, crafted all 15 of the tall crosses that were displayed on Rebel Hill, in Clement Park across the street from Columbine High School. The crosses Mr. Zanis made for Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were defaced several times while on display at the hillside memorial. The two crosses were eventually removed due to protest from people who felt that it was inappropriate to place a memorial to the two shooters in amongst the victims that they murdered. When the 15 crosses were moved to a park with the intent of making it a permanent memorial, public outcry forced the removal of Dylan and Eric's crosses once more.

Dylan Klebold's Memorial Cross

Dylan Klebold's Memorial Cross
Dylan Klebold's Memorial Cross
Some of the things written on the cross:
"I'm sorry we failed you. May God have mercy on your soul."
"Shame on you, Dylan!"
"Jesus will forgive"

Dylan's cross on Rebel Hill in Clement Park