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Klebold Home in Littleton
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Letter of support to Klebold family
Dylan Klebold and his family lived at 9351 Cougar Road in Littleton, Colorado, 80127 at the time of the shootings.

Built in 1978 up in the Jefferson County foothills, the 1,543 square foot single family home has three bedrooms and four bathrooms. A rustic fence separates the long driveway from the road. Tom and Sue Klebold purchased the house in 1989 for $250,000. They wanted the house out in the country because it was close to nature, and they thought it would be good for their two sons. Dylan's room was on the second floor. The large property has a guest house and swimming pool. It's worth $2 million to $4 million at the time of this writing, depending on where you look.

The Klebolds have long since moved away. Their current place of residence is unknown. You can see pictures below of the Klebold home as it looked after the Columbine massacre.

Photo of the Klebold house in Littleton, Colorado
Photo of Dylan Klebold's home in Klebold, Colorado
Dylan Klebold's house in Littleton, Colorado

Photo of the Harris house in Littleton, Colorado
Eric Harris' house in Littleton, Colorado
Photo of Eric Harris' home in Littleton, Colorado