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Dylan Klebold's Journal
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Fuck that --> Dylan Klebold

Existence... to understand )

Well much changes... (like ..existence). I understand almost everything now... so close to my love - [edited]. The runes have shown it, she has shown it, i have felt it. I know the meaning of each life: To be loved by yer love, & to be happy with ones self. Dylan Klebold's thought boxOnly for the gods though (me,
& etc.) The zombies & their society band together & try to destroy what is superior & what they don't understand & are afraid of. Soon... either ill commit suicide, or I'll get w.
& it will be NBK for us. My hapiness. her hapiness. NOTHING else matters. Ive been caught w. most of my crimes -- xpl drinking, smoking, & the house vandalism & the pipe bombs. If by fate's choice,
didn't love me, id slit my wrist & blow up atlanta strapped to my neck. It's good, understanding. a hard road since my realization, but it gets easier. BUT IT DOESNT! That's part of existence. Unpredictable. Existence is pure hell & pure heaven at the same time. I will never stop wondering, the lost highway will never end, the music in my head will never stop...It's all part of existence. The hall will never end. The love will always be here. GOD
I LOVE HER!!! It's so great to love.

society is tightening it's grip on me, & soon I &
will snap, he will have on revenge on society, & then be free, to exist in a timeless sourceless place of pure hapiness. The purpose of life is to be happy & be with yer love who is equally happy. Not much more to say. goodbye.

Dylan Klebold's drawing of the lost highway

I love
   her, & she loves
Almost happiness in
slavery -- the real people (gods)
are slaves to the majority
of zombies, but we know
& love being superior.

I didnt want to
be a jock... i hated
The hapiness
that they
have - & I will
have something

(By the way, some zombies are smarter than others,
some manipulate... like my parents.)
I am God.
is God.
& zombies will pay for
their arrogance, hate, fear, abandonment, &