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Dylan Klebold's Journal
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[Dylan's writing]
In a boring, gay, retarded classroom, there were a bunch of koolios doing some childish writing exercise for kindergardners. It was dark outside. there was a grenade lancher on the desk next-closest to the back wall, & a couple of boxes of rockets. The spacey teacher made a groaning noise, & started to throw globs of flesh at the kids. The kids turned into zombies, & started throwing too.

[Someone else's writing]
The coolios waited for the right moment. At last she turned her back, and the coolios sprang into action. Reb grabbed the grenade launcher and began firing at the hideous beast.

[Eric's writing]
Suddenly, The zombie wouldn't go down. Marine training kicked in and I dodged to the left avoiding the flesh globs as they smacked against the wall behind me. tossing a spare rocket to Vodka, he shoved it into the zombie-master's back as I, Reb, distracted her by throwing Tombstones at her. Meanwhile, the other koolios were battleing the zombified students with their newly founded right guns.

[Fourth person's writing]
All of the sudden a bright light shot out of the sky. There was a huge explosion and tons of black smoke everywhere. One of the koolios stood up to see if anyone had survived. There was nothing to see everything had disappeared & all that was left was a lonely koolio and one riot gun. Since he was so sad he shot himself.