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Details Screen for ICQ# 37630768

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 Personal Contact Information
Name: Eric Harris Nickname: REB
Primary E-mail: Not Specified Secondary E-mail: Not Specified
Old E-mail: Not Specified

 Additional Details
Birth Date: 9-Apr-81 Age: 18
Gender: Male Languages: English, German

 More Contact Details
Street: Up your Butt around the corne City: Littleton
State/Province: CO Country: USA
Voice (Home): +1 (Up) Yours Cellular: +1 (I) wish....
Fax (Home): +1 (Shove) it Zip Code: 80005

 Business Information
Occupation: Not Specified Title: Member
DIV/DEPT: What the...? Company: Trenchcoat Mafia
Street: Not Specified City: Not Specified
State/Province: Not Specified Country: Not Specified
Voice (Work): Not Specified Fax (Work): Not Specified
Zip Code: Not Specified Business Homepage: Not Specified

 Past Background
Not Specified

 Personal Interests
Computers Game Development,Games,Graphics
Music Heavy Metal,Techno

 Organization, Affiliation, Group
Not Specified

 Additional Information
I am an outcast, a reble. The jocks have given me my name, and one day they will learn. One day I'll kill you all...Yeah...That's what I'll do. I'll show you that you all ED UP! You know what I LOVE?!? SCHOOL! You know what I HATE?!? SCHOOL WORK!

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