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Pictures of Eric Harris

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Before Eric Harris became infamous as one of the Columbine High School shooters he was a person who had a family, a life, and friends; a history. Who was he? His life story before the crime can be glimpsed in the gallery of photos below.

Eric Harris age 5
Eric Harris in his Halloween costume (age 5)
Eric Harris in first grade
Eric Harris in 1st grade
Eric Harris in Little League
Eric in Little League
(age 10)

Eric Harris at Ken Caryl Middle School
1995 yearbook picture - Eric Harris (far right) at Ken Caryl Middle School.

Eric Harris in 7th grade
7th Grade
Eric Harris in 8th grade
8th Grade
Eric Harris in 9th grade
9th Grade
Eric Harris in 10th grade
10th Grade
Eric Harris in 11th grade
11th grade
Eric Harris
Media slant: The photo of Eric Harris to the left is the one that most news channels aired immediately following the shootings. It was the easiest to get a hold of but was not a very recent photo. Combined with the outdated photo of Dylan that was aired, the suburban shell shock of this tragedy was magnified. How could two "boys next door" do something like that? And more to the point: Why?

Eric Harris on home video
Eric in a home video

Eric Harris senior photo Eric Harris senior picture Eric Harris senior picture
Eric Harris senior photo
Eric Harris senior photo
Eric Harris poses for his senior photos.