DOOM0000.jpg (28119 bytes)


thumb2.jpg (13011 bytes)

The second map begins in a room that resembles the exit of the first level.

Darkness prevails..

thumb4.jpg (7741 bytes)
thumb3.jpg (12223 bytes)

After some boring 2d fighting..

You find the red key.

thumb5.jpg (11025 bytes)
thumb6.jpg (9121 bytes)

Backtracking to the red door reveals some Imps behind it.

In a nearby secret passage, we find a Mancubus who has hoarded tons of rockets.

thumb7.jpg (9065 bytes)
thumb8.jpg (9986 bytes)

Finding yet another secret within a 10 foot radius, one finds a posse of former humans.

Finally, one last secret off the former human room.

More top item placement.

thumb9.jpg (8605 bytes)
thumb11.jpg (13461 bytes)

Going back to the main hallway, I notice yet another wall that looks odd. Opening it, I am confronted with this room.

Uh oh.. I hate Mancubi.

I killed 2 Mancubi and 10 Imps for a chainsaw???


thumb12.jpg (11159 bytes)
thumb13.jpg (12767 bytes)

After about 10 dozen "secrets", I've reached the end of the dark hallway.

Cute little fight.

thumb14.jpg (10876 bytes)
thumb15.jpg (13498 bytes)

Ah, open air.

And 4 Arch-Viles.

Soon after you step into the light all hell breaks loose.

Here I'm being juggled in the air by the 4 Archies.

thumb16.jpg (13569 bytes)
thumb17.jpg (12515 bytes) I'm not sure 6000 cells would be enough, let alone 600.

Good lord.

It'd be cool if someone did a 100/100/100 recording of this map with just the fist.

thumb37.jpg (20897 bytes)
thumb38.jpg (14124 bytes) After hitting a number of switches in this huge outdoor arena, the level's exit lowers in the middle of those stone monuments.

I had to run to the opposite side of the field to draw the demons away from the exit.


thumb39.jpg (16142 bytes)


This second and final map of UAC Labs is again a short one,
and rather unimpressive. What did you expect?

Welp, that's it. I hope you found this interesting. Thanks to
Kerbuffel for hooking me up with the WAD in the first
place, and Wheat for mirroring the file. -BenT