2004 Columbine Evidence Exhibit | 2004 Columbine Evidence Exhibit photos
2004 Columbine Evidence Exhibit
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In 2004, Jefferson County held a Columbine Evidence Exhibit where they displayed the evidence, reports, and maps collected during the course of the investigation of the Columbine High shootings. The exhibit included the shooters' weapons (guns, knives, unexploded but disarmed bombs, shrapnel, and bomb-making materials collected at the scene and from the homes of Harris and Klebold), furniture that had been destroyed by gunfire, portions of carpet singed by the C02 cricket bombs the shooters threw, photos from the crime scene, bags of the victims' clothing (sealed), and more. The public was allowed to tour the exhibit, which was held at the fairgrounds in a big shed. Dave Sanders' family was in attendance. You can see a video news clip that includes an interview with his family here.

Below are several photos from the exhibit which were submitted by a reader of this site, taken when they went to the event.

Columbine victims' clothing, bagged and biohazard sealed