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Columbine High School's Graduating class of 2002

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Jamie Conwell, Columbine senior of the '02 class, hangs out with friends.
Senior class of Columbine High School - 2002
Lauren Maestas, Jamie Conwell, Alexandra Goldberg, Eric Long, Stephanie Salmon and Lauren Beyer pose on Rebel Hill. The class of 2002 was the last graduating class to have been at Columbine High School during the attacks of 4-20-1999.
Craig Scott, of Columbine's 2002 graduating class (and victim Rachel Scott's younger brother), decorates his girlfriend's room to ask her to prom, with the help of friends. Craig was in the library during the shootings of 1999.
Craig Scott and Alex Goldberg dance at the Seniors' Ball of 2002.
Principal Frank DeAngelis attends the 2002 Seniors' Ball as well. Mr DeAngelis was the principal of the high school during the shootings.

Brian Bay, student in the graduating class
and friend of victim Steve Curnow, hard at work.
Becky Kwernland and Liz Nowlan with graduating class
Closest to the camera are Becky Kwernland and Liz Nowlan, along with the rest of the graduating class of 2002.