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Columbine Law Enforcement, Medical, and Reports

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In the wake of the shootings there was a staggering amount of paperwork and evidence to go through. The reports alone make enough reading material to keep even the most dedicated investigator busy for months, perhaps years. The paper trail begins even before the shootings, dating back well over a year prior to the violence of April 20, 1999. What was uncovered brought only a few answers; in most cases what was left behind has only led to more questions.

  • 911 calls
    Transcripts and audio files from 911 calls placed from inside the school. Information about the call made by teacher Patti Nielson from the library during the shootings.

  • SWAT Team and Other Officials
    Photos and information about the activities of the police, Denver SWAT, medical crews, etc.

  • Police Reports and Official Documents
    Police records and reports from before, during and after the shootings. Includes criminal history of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the Columbine Report and later-released Columbine Documents.

  • Autopsy Reports
    Official reports and summaries of the shooters and their victims.

  • Columbine Evidence Exhibit
    2004 release of ALL of the evidence, made available to the public. The Basement Tapes were present at the exhibit but were not played.

  • Law enforcement officials and Denver SWAT at Columbine High School