Columbine High School shooting archive - On April 20, 1999 Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold took the lives of 13 victims and their own lives

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Outside Columbine High School - Renovated
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After the investigations were complete there was some initial talk about closing Columbine High School permanently but the community opted to renovate and repair Columbine, reclaiming their school from the tragedy. Over the summer several changes took place both inside and outside. The grassy knoll where Rachel Scott died was transformed into a brand new library. The whole exterior of the school where the most damage was done was changed so students wouldn't be reminded of that terrifying day when approaching the front doors in the future. When the school reopened in the fall of 1999, it welcomed back a large and enthusiastic student body who delighted in the changes.

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Columbine High School - summer 1999Outside Columbine High School
Pictures of the back of Columbine High, summer 1999

Outside Columbine - grassy knoll Columbine High School signOutside Columbine - grassy knoll

Outside Columbine High School, present-day photos.

Outside Columbine todayOutside Columbine High School - present day

Outside Columbine High School - present day