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Columbine Basement Tape Quotes

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1st Tape: April 11, 1999
Evidence item #298 -- "Reb's Tape"

Eric Harris is in the driver's seat of a car, Dylan Klebold is in the passenger's seat, holding the camera. "We are on our way to get the rest of our gear," they say. They then tell the camera it is "Monday, April 11th". It's daytime.

Dylan says he has $200 dollars on him; Eric says he's going to "cash a check for $50".

Dylan: "We've been planning this for over eight months".

Eric: "At least."

They pass the intersection at Sante Fe and Mineral and the filming stops.

It's still light out when the camera comes back on. The car is now on Broadway, north of Hampden. Eric's still driving. They're stopped at a red light or stop sign on the east side of Broadway. Eric's smoking a large cigar now which he says is his "birthday cigar" (Eric's birthday was on the 9th). He and Dylan say they have just purchased two large fuel containers and three propane bottles. Dylan says he now has his pants. The camera is turned off once more.

The video starts again and now Eric's alone. He's propped the camera on his knee or a similarly close location, filming his face directly. Behind him the headboard of his bed at home can be made out along with a bulletin board above. He talks about his parents and the cops who may want to have his "parents pay".

Eric: "My parents are the best fucking parents I have ever known. My dad is great. I wish I was a fucking sociopath so I didn't have any remorse, but I do. This is going to tear them apart. They will never forget it." He then addresses his parents directly, if briefly: "There is nothing you guys could have done to prevent any of this. There is nothing that anyone could have done to prevent this. No one is to blame except me and Vodka. Our actions are a two man war against everyone else."

Eric goes on to say that it's been "hard" on him lately. His parents have been on his "back for putting things off"; things like "insurance, and the Marine Corp". He talks about how "this is my last week on earth".

Eric: "To all you 'Culios' [I'm guessing the officer heard 'coolios' but this is how Zimmerman spelled it in the report] out there still alive, sorry I hurt you or your friends."

He says this is total "KMFDM" and that "there are 7 and 1/3 days left." He gets an odd look on his face, then says, "Fucking bitches."

He then lists off 5 names and says that he's going to be "one tired mother-fucker come Monday, then BOOM! I'll get shot and die."

Eric then films his planning book, calling it the "Writings of God". He says his beliefs have changed somewhat during the year, over the course of time he's been writing. He turns to a page where there are figures drawn complete with ammo, bombs, and guns, all labeled. He says it's a "drawing of gear, back when we thought we could get calicos". He then points to a picture that depicts two backpacks labeled "napalm". He calls this the "suicide plan".

The next page Eric discusses is one that appears to be inventories of bombs. He points to the top of the page and says that's how many bullets they're going to have. He then points to some of the drawings in the back of the book, saying they are "Doom drawings". He also points out other pages that have different drawings, including different types of weapons, and says they are "plans for rocket launchers and stuff. Most will not see the new world." He points out more drawings close to the back, calling them "Doom drawings with a KMFDM twist to them".

The tape ends.

2nd Tape
Evidence item #298

This tape contains footage possibly filmed for school by Dylan and Eric. Both boys are seen in the footage, along with two other people identified as Tex and Browsky.

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