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Rampart Range Video
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To the left you can play a copy of the Rampart Range video. The original file was released to the public in WMV format, which doesn't work on newer machines. So, I converted my copy to MP4. The content's exactly the same, as is the quality. The only thing that has changed is the format. It's very noisy so for those who don't want to listen, below are some quotes and screenshots from the video.

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In the videotape that shows the gunmen practice shooting at Rampart Range, both are shooting their sawed-off shotguns. It seems clear that they're still getting used to them. Their hands are bleeding because they've sawed off so much of the gun. The recoil from the weapons is substantial and quite painful for a gunman to shoot repeatedly.
- Excerpt from the Columbine Report

Dylan at Rampart RangeMarch 6, 1999

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, armed with two sawed-off shotguns, a pistol, an automatic rifle and a recently purchased TEC-9 arrive at Rampart Range, a firing range not far from Littleton. They're dressed for cold weather and are wearing their trenchcoats and backward baseball caps. They're accompanied by Mark Manes, who sold them the TEC-9, and Mark's friend Jessica Miklich. The young people took turns firing the TEC-9 at trees and bowling pins. Eric and Dylan also practiced firing with the shotguns, joking with each other as they tried to consistently hit targets with the too-short barrels.

Rampart Range video footageThe four individuals took turns holding the camera, shaky footage that was to be the first of Dylan and Eric's home movies to be released to the public. They film each other trying from-the-hip and long-range shots - missing a lot. When they do hit, there's close up footage of the bullet holes scarring the trunks of pine trees and holes clean through the bowling pins.

Rampart Range video footage"Try to hit the tree," Eric tells Dylan as the taller fellow prepares to fire with his sawed-off shotgun. "I want to see what a slug will do to a tree."

They shoot, they score.

Rampart Range video footage"Imagine that in someone's fucking brain!" exclaims Eric, off camera, as they point to and do a close-up of the gaping hole in the trunk.

"It hurt my wrist like a sonnuvabitch!" Dylan says, sounding more amazed than anything.

Rampart Range video footage"I bet it did," Eric agrees, sounding way too knowing.

"Look at that. I got blood now," Dylan announces.

"Huh?" Eric swivels the camera down and the scene suddenly shifts to Dylan firing the TEC-9 repeatedly.

More firing; they all take turns firing the assortment of guns they brought with them. Later Eric can be seen, minus the coat, shooting his sawed-off shotgun. He fetches the bowling pin he just hit and comes running back to the others, grinning hugely as he displays it.

Rampart Range video footage"Entry, exit!" he exclaims jubilantly, turning it so one can see first the pea-sized hole on the front and then the huge jag of wood spiked out from the torn-apart back. The others exclaim in amazement at the sight.

Mark tries firing the way-too-short weapon. The fingers of his barrel-hand are millimeters away from the end of the muzzle. It's apparent it hurts his hands to fire it. He tries firing it one-handed to cut down on the pain, laughing ruefully afterward as he shakes the hand he was using, evidently in pain. One of the other boys laughs and makes a reference to the movie 'Terminator'.

Rampart Range video footageRampart Range video footageLater the video shows the Eric and Dylan are showing off the wounds on their hands while Mark holds the camera. He says jokingly, "Guns are bad. When you saw them off and make them illegal, bad things happen to you. Just say no to sawed-offs." Eric pretends to spank Dylan's shotgun then, saying, "Baaaaaad!".

Dylan promptly chimes in, shaking his finger at the weapon: "No, no, no!".

Rampart Range video footage Rampart Range video footage Rampart Range video footage Rampart Range video footage

Rampart Range video footage Rampart Range video footage Rampart Range video footage