Columbine victims | Injured 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Those who were injured during the Columbine shootings
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In addition to the victims who were killed, twenty-four people were injured during the Columbine shooting. This section is devoted to those Columbine survivors. The information presented here is what has been made available to the public primarily through the Columbine Report and interviews with the victims.

If info seems sparse in some areas, it is because that individual hasn't had much press coverage. Out of respect for the survivors and their families, and in the interest of allowing them to try to move on with their lives, I have chosen to not initiate direct contact with anyone. I am open to being contacted by anyone who wishes to share their story. When this has happened, I have updated this site to reflect what those individuals wanted to share.

Injured survivors have been organized alphabetically and by the medical facility they were taken to following the shootings. To see what happened in a chronological order, see: Events of 4-20-1999. This section goes hand-in-hand with the stories that appear on the page dedicated to the Deceased. Eventually, I plan to create a page about the survivors who weren't physically injured, as their stories are important, too.

Updated photos were provided by the individual or their families, used with permission. Yearbook photos are used per Section 107 of the Fair Use Act.

KUSA broadcasts news of the shootings on 04-20-1999
KUSA broadcasts news of the shootings on 04-20-1999