Columbine 1999 yearbook
Columbine Yearbook Pictures
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Pictured below are several excerpts from school yearbooks, primarily Columbine's 1999 yearbook. Some of the pages shown below were originally supposed to be in the annual book but were removed by yearbook staff following the shootings because the pages contain pictures and information about Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. You won't find these pages or photos in the yearbook that was printed as they never made it to press. The omitted pages were included in the Columbine Report, which is where the scans on this site come from.

"Many students utilized the silence of the library to get away during the day."
- quote from the 1999 Columbine yearbook, page 97

Download the full 1999 yearbook here.

Columbine 1999 yearbook
Columbine's 1999 yearbook cover.
Columbine 1999 yearbook
Page 10 of Columbine's 1999 yearbook
features a student trap shooting.

Columbine High senior class of 1999 photo
Columbine High senior class of 1999 photo
Columbine High School senior class of 1999 photos.
Eric and Dylan senior class photo
Sons of a gun

Eric watches the cafeteria at Columbine

"Eric Harris relaxes during his free hour while observing activity in the cafeteria."
...I wonder if he was making notes that day?
Removed page

Page that was removed from 1999 yearbook, featuring Eric Harris' pic on the right.
Removed yearbook page
Removed yearbook page
1999 yearbook index page with Dylan and Eric's names
On Eric's page another boy's quote reads "I hate this school".
On Dylan's page, Lisa Kreutz's entry has a message of inspiration (she was shot in the library and survived).

The Trenchcoat Mafia Yearbook Picture

The Trenchcoat Mafia got blamed in association for what happened at Columbine though investigation has shown that they were not only NOT responsible, their contact with the two shooters was minimal -- via member Chris Morris, who was known to be outspoken in his own hatred of Columbine and was taken into custody the day of the shootings. He was questioned and later released without being charged of anything. Eric and Dylan wore oiled leather dusters frequently to school and they wore them them on 4-20-1999 when they arrived and first began shooting (though they took them off later) but this affectation seems to have been personal taste rather than a sign of affiliation. They don't appear in the school yearbook photo of the Trenchcoat Mafia (shown right).

Trenchcoat Mafia

TCM Dedication Page

Columbine Report TCM dedication text




The page to the left is from the 1999 yearbook

The caption can't be read in the image
but the Columbine Report (seen right) quoted it:

Ode to the TCM

From hacking and bowling to a downtown day at a certain convention, from players and abstainers to certain teachers that we won't mention, from learning to sack and wearing black to last year's week of OOS suspension, High school is over so go get some coolio's and relieve that built-up tension. Have an awesome summer! Robyn

Eric's signature in
Nathan Dykeman's 1998 yearbook

Eric's signature
The scratched-out words above read "DEVIL MAN"; Eric's personal nickname for Nate. Nate told police he thought the name was stupid and only Eric called him that.

Dylan's Signature in
Nate Dykeman's 1998 yearbook.

Dylan's signature
Eric Harris' signature in Sarah Leary's 1998 yearbook.
Eric's signature
Sarah knew Eric since freshman year at Columbine and was friends at school with him.
Eric Harris' signature in Chad Laughlin's 1998 yearbook.
Eric and Dylan's signatures
Chad knew Dylan for nearly 10 years and was friendly with both gunmen. He ran the fantasy baseball and football leagues that Harris and Klebold were both heavily involved in. Chad was wearing his white Broncos ballcap on the day of the shootings. He last saw Dylan when Chad left campus at 11:10 a.m. for lunch on April 20, 1999.

Other yearbook photos