Columbine updates | 2001
Columbine Shooting Aftermath 2001
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Two Years Later...

Al DeGuzman says: Eric Harris is God
19-year-old Al DeGuzman plotted to assault De Anza Community College, citing Eric Harris as God on a website he created. He planned to kill as many people at the school as possible and surrounded himself with pictures and news clippings about the Columbine killers. He took pictures of himself with his amassed weapons which the police were alerted to. He was arrested January 29, 2001 and was convicted on 108 counts of possession of explosive/deadly weapons with intent to kill and sentenced to 80 years in prison. He hung himself in his cell 3 years later with a bedsheet.

April 19, 2001 -- Several of the families of those who were killed or wounded during the shootings reached a settlement of nearly $1.6 million with the parents of the gunmen.

April 20, 2001 -- Iowa's Drake University held a commemorative concert to honor the victims of the massacre. The song An American Elegy was played. In Littleton, people gathered at an outdoor ceremony to remember the victims. The school's superintendent spoke at the ceremony, as did others. Thirteen six-foot-tall crosses stood in the parking lot nearby. Rocks were placed on Rebel Hill in Clement Park, where the original crosses stood immediately following the shootings - only 13 rocks were placed though there had, at one time, been 15 crosses on the hill. There was a reading of the 13 names of those killed at Columbine and at 11:17 AM a period of silence was observed: The time the shooting began.

May 24, 2001 -- Brian Rohrbough, Danny Rohrbough's father, filed suit against Jefferson County Sheriff's office, claiming the wound that killed Danny was NOT from one of the shooter's weapons but from that of a deputy. Their federal complaint was lodged when Arapahoe County Deputy James D. Taylor, a friend of the Rohrboughs for 20 years, told them he'd an officer accidentally shoot and kill Danny.

During the investigation of his son Daniel's death, Brian Rohrbough was quoted as saying:
"This bullet positively didn't come from Klebold... We are outraged to find that the sheriff's department would lie to us and the public about physical evidence. My son clearly was an innocent victim... I think it was a law enforcement officer, but I'm not prepared at this point in time, without knowing absolutely who, to even speculate on something like that."

Later they revealed that Taylor told them the officer responsible was SWAT team member Sergeant Dan O'Shea.

September 2001 -- The existence of the Guerra documents became known to the general public and a series of grand jury investigations were launched into the coverup activities of Jefferson County. It was discovered during the course of the investigation that some of the hidden documents were "lost" entirely. It was also learned that several computer files having to do with the case were erased during the summer following the shootings.

December 26, 2001 -- The Rohrboughs filed several lawsuits against the Jefferson County Sheriff's department and several deputies because of their son's death. The suits included a wrongful death suit against Sergeant Dan O'Shea, based on information given them earlier that year by Deputy James Taylor.
"He [Danny] was running from the gunmen when he was shot and killed. I do not believe he was caught in a crossfire. I believe he was aimed at by an officer who suspected him as being a gunman," Brian Rohrbough told the media.

The Mausers adopt a Chinese baby they call Madeline (birth name Liu Hai Xing), seen here with Christine Mauser, Dan's sister.

Richard Castaldo, 2001. He has his driver's license now and drives a van specially modified for his wheelchair.

Brooks Brown, 2001, in a follow-up interview with CNN.

Several boxes of police reports are released to the public.