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Eric Harris' Webpages
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Eric Harris was active online: He participated in a number of pastimes via the Internet including Doom deathmatches and playing on a Quake team. He made websites where he posted about the games he played. He had more than one screenname he used to chat on AOL and WBS with. He distributed the levels (wads) he made for the first-person shooter games he liked to play. He posted the lyrics of his favorite songs, and he wrote rage-filled rants about life -- web-postings that became the subject of much public scrutiny after April 20, 1999.

In the months that followed the shooting at Columbine High, the contents of his webpages were sealed by the FBI. It was difficult to locate this information afterward as AOL and WBS removed the content once the FBI was done with it. I managed to save several files from his accounts before the directories were deleted, but the HTML (webpage) files were already gone by the time I was able to access them. I did find the pages from a couple of his WBS pages, which contained bad "Jo Mamma" jokes and song lyrics. The Columbine Report had scans of the text versions of several of his AOL webpages, but it's only the text. What the actual websites looked like is gone for good.

Back in 1999 I displayed the graphics I'd saved along with relevant links that I'd tracked down in a format I thought would give the reader a better sense of what they might have looked like when used on a webpage. Unfortunately, some mistook my pages to be copies of Eric's actual webpages. My pages were copied and posted on other websites that claimed they were mirrors of his actual sites. I have since changed the pages so it is more obvious that they are not mirrors. The AOL directories mirrored here are actual copies. They appear as they did when I accessed them shortly after the shooting, when the FBI got done with them. These directories were taken down a week after the URLs were made public.

To be clear: Eric's actual webpages were removed from the Internet by the FBI before the URL addresses were released to the public. There are NO COPIES of Eric Harris' actual websites out there. Any site claiming to have them is mistaken. If you see content elsewhere that resembles these pages, you can be sure they're just copies of my original mock-up display pages and not Eric's website.

Eric writes threatening rants about Brooks Brown
The police blotter regarding investigation of the initial incident after Brooks' parents saw and reported the website.
(see Eric's journals for the actual content)
RebtheJuvey WBS Page (mirror)
Rebldomkr WBS Page (mirror)
Reb's Doom II site
Not an actual mirror - just graphics and links to wad files.
AOL Profiles
        - Text version
        - Screenshots
Mirrors of AOL directories
These mirrors are incomplete. I wasn't able to grab some of the files back when I downloaded this. Where that happened the link leads to "#". Idid get "thebook.doc". However, it contains instructions for making explosives. Posting it would violate the TOS of my host and isn't something I want to spread around. Some of the instructions are just plain wrong and dangerous to follow. It wasn't Eric's writing, so you're not missing anything.

    * Rebdoomer (mirror)
        - index.htm
        - mama.htm (mirror)
        "Jo Mamma" joke page put together by REB [Eric Harris],
        VoDkA [Dylan Klebold], and KiBBz [Zach Heckler]
        - mission page 1, 2, 3, 4
        REB explains the 'missions' he and VoDkA are doing,
        mainly testing pipe bombs. Page 2 is missing.
        - wisdom2.htm
    * Rebdomine (mirror)
        - index.htm
        - pissed.htm

Links paired with graphics from Eric's website
Not a mirror of the actual site - just the graphics.
Eric's AOL miscellaneous graphics
Not a mirror of his page, just the graphics.
The last look of Harris' website?
No. A hoax site set up after 4-20, claiming to be Eric's work that was later debunked by the FBI. Included here to keep the rumor debunked because for several months folks believed it was real.