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Memorials for the victims of Columbine
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The photos below are primarily of the memorial services that were held in the days and weeks that immediately followed the shootings, informal and formal. Many are taken in Clement Park, a park directly across the street from the school where local mourners left hundreds and hundreds of tributes to those who died.

Many of the photos below have been scaled-down to speed load-time. Click on the image to see the bigger picture.
Clement Park in Littleton, Colorado
CHS banner
Clement Park across the street from Columbine High School became home
to several impromptu memorials for the dead and the injured.

Rebel Hill heart
A rock heart pushed together on Rebel Hill in Clement Park.
Before April 20th 1999, this hill was grassy; thousands mourners trampled it away.

Isaiah Shoels cross
Isaiah Shoels' cross
Crosses on Rebel Hill
Columbine crosses in Clement Park
Mourners visit the memorial crosses
Rachel Scott's cross
Rachel Scott's cross
Columbine memorial crosses
Memorial crosses at night

Confrontation at Dylan Klebold's cross
Two mourners confront a woman writing derogatory remarks on Dylan's cross

Dylan Klebold cross
A woman cries at the foot of Dylan's cross
Eric Harris cross
Greg Zanis, crafter of the crosses, deliberately used a different font (letter style) for Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold's crosses
to seperate them from their victims. The very presence of the killers' crosses among the victims' outraged many.

Greg Zanis with one of the Columbine crosses
Greg Zanis with one of the crosses he built.
He was opposed to removing Eric & Dylan's crosses from the hill.
15 crosses
15 crosses in Clement Park
13 crosses in Clement Park
13 crosses in Clement Park --
Greg lost his fight to keep Eric & Dylan's there.
A girl kneels at a memorial in Clement Park
Girls cry at the Columbine memorials in Clement Park
Two people hug at the Clement Park memorials
A little girl carries flowers to add to the memorials
Goths grieve for Columbine
Group hug in Clement Park
Several people hold hands in Clement Park
Officers console each other

Memorial to Coach Dave Sanders
Memorial to Dave Sanders, left by his children
Coach Dave Sanders memorial cross
Basketball signed by the whole team and left at Dave Sanders' memorial
Memorials left for Coach Dave Sanders.

Even at night mourners come to visit the memorial sites
A Columbine memorial at night
Columbine memorial burned on accident
One of the memorial tents at Clement Park after a candle tipped and burned everything inside it.
Flowers in Clement Park
Someone made this patch in dedication to the victims
Middle-schoolers hold a chain with memorial statements on it
Three girls weep at a memorial
A girl adds more flowers to this Columbine memorial site
Sorrow fills Clement Park
Several more mourners share their grief about the tragedy
Teddy bears left for Rachel Scott
A hug is shared in the park on Thursday the 22nd
A poem left for the victims of the massacre
The memorials have been blanketed in snow
Two teens offer a prayer in the park
Another view of the snow-covered memorials in Clement Park
Wall to write messages of grief
This paper served as a message memorial for the grieving to write their words of sorrow and hope.

Trees tied with blue ribbons to symbolize the suffering at Columbine High A prayer group shares their grief Another picture of the prayer group

Memorial service for the Columbine victims held at World Light Catholic Church Giant card at the World Light Catholic Church memorial Teacher cries at a memorial gathering 13 doves are released at the World Light Catholic Church memorial - one for each victim
Memorial at the World Catholic Church

A student cries at the memorial Students console each other at a candlelight vigilStudents console each other at a candlelight vigil

A mourner bows his head following the memorial service

Chatfield High School welcomes the students of Columbine High
Chatfield welcomes students from Columbine.

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