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What's on the CDs?
A lot of stuff -- so much that I've had to write an index of sorts for the content. There's too much to list here without creating a scrolling list of spam but I've included a few of the more interesting items below. There's a lot more though.

* Backups of all linked media files that can be saved
* 1000s of photos
* Present-day updates about survivors, Columbine, & Littleton
* Near-complete audio file of the library 911 call (4 1/2 mins)
* Complete copies of Rampart Range, Hitmen for Hire
* Over 1000 MB of audio and video files
* Medical & FBI reports + 100s of other official documents
* Games, music, and art influenced by the shootings
* Excerpts from diaries and journals
* Unpublished 1999 Columbine yearbook pages
* Current pictures of permanent Columbine memorials
* Archives of news dating back to 1999
* Copies of Eric Harris' webpages & Doom* files
* Transcripts of plays & movie clips
* Information about copycat shootings
* Much more

So why donate?
It costs money to keep this website online. A site like this has bandwidth, much like a car has gasoline. Every time a photo or a sound file is accessed, more bandwidth is eaten up -- more fuel is burned, so to speak. This site receives over 2,000 different visitors every day: 2,000 places driven a day, which takes quite a bit of fuel (bandwidth). In order to fill it up again the site requires money, just like gas costs money to pump into a car.

There's only so much cash this working-class, low-income individual can scrape together to pay for the bandwidth this website needs, especially with a family to support. As long as the bandwidth lasts, this site will remain up and viewable. However, if the monthly bandwidth runs out, the site will be inaccessible till the next month. That's where you come in. Reader contributions cover the extra bandwidth my budget can't afford and also cover additional services (such as the site search feature) that would otherwise be impossible to have.

Don't want a gift?
If you don't want a gift or would like to donate an amount to the site other than what's listed, pop by PayPal and send a donation to acolumbinesite @ gmail . com (Spaces are added to cut down on spam; remove them to donate.). It's secure and free -- you don't even need a Paypal account.

Don't want to use Paypal?
If you're in a country that doesn't accept PayPal or would prefer not to use the service, you can send a personal check to or concealed cash to:

C. Shepard
P.O. Box 2921
Peoria, AZ 85380

NO postal money orders, please.
Concealed cash (USD) is accepted but send at your own risk.

When you donate to this site, your information is secure. None of your financial information is ever seen by anyone affiliated with Your shipping information is never shared with anyone except the postal workers who need it in order to deliver your CDs to you.