Columbine media
Columbine Media
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This section has to do with media published about the Columbine High School shootings. Here you'll find video clips, audio files and transcripts from media such as the controversial Basement Tapes as well as lists of books, movies, plays, and music inspired by the tragic events of April 20, 1999.

Photos from the event can be found in the sections about the Victims, Shooters, Columbine High School, and Officials, and 4-20-1999, and scattered through other sections of this website.

Harris home is searched
Three people detained in field behind Columbine
+ Basement Tapes and Home Videos
Transcripts, footage and screenshots from Rampart Range, Basement Tapes, Hitmen for Hire and more.

+ Sound Clip Archive
911 calls, sound clips, transcripts, interviews, and more.

+ Video Clip Archive
News, interviews, updates, shooters' videos, and more.

+ Surveillance Tapes
Video clips and screenshots from the cafeteria surveillance tapes.

+ 911 Calls
Transcripts and sound files from 911 calls made on 4-20-1999, including the call made from the library during the shootings.

+ Police Reports and Official Documents
Reports filed before and after the shootings. Includes the Columbine Report.

+ The Writing of the Shooters
Journals, diaries, rants, and other items written by Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold prior to the shootings.

+ Books
Books written by survivors, friends and family of the victims and shooters, about the Columbine High School massacre. Also includes books written by others.

+ Websites
Eric Harris's websites: Doom, AOL, WBS and more. Download Eric's Doom levels (wads).

+ Music
Lyrics and songs. Some took heat following the shootings; some were inspired by the tragedy.

+ Movies, Films, and Plays
Movies, films, and plays inspired by or relevant to Columbine.

+ Archived News Stories, Links and Other Sites
Articles no longer available online or off-, and links to other useful websites.