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Thanks to our, uh, wonderful national media, it's now a well known fact that Eric Harris, one of the two Columbine High School shooters, was a Doom player. Not only that, but he created at least one add-on level for Doom 2. This page will take you for a walk through this suddenly infamous WAD.. and that's all. A terrible tragedy occurred, and I'm not trying to make light of it.. This WAD is just a curiosity, folks. Don't try to read into what's not there.

The level is called U.A.C. Labs, and can be downloaded here. I couldn't find it on Was it removed, or was it never there? I don't know. Anyway, you need Doom 2 to play it. Once you have it in your D2 directory, the following command line should do the trick:

doom2 -file uaclabs.wad -warp 1

Note: I used the source port ZDoom to take the screenshots. Personally, I can't stand 320x200 anymore.
Anyway, click on any of the shots below for a nicer 640x480 version.

Note 2: This page has posted a thorough review of the levels.


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The starting point of level one.

I was surprised the level didn't suck already.
I really wasn't expecting much.

Right inside the front door.

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As you can see, he changed the death graphics of the former humans slightly. There are also a number of sound effects that are changed. The Cyberdemon's is quite frightening, in fact.

After a few dark hallways we come to this large room, reminiscent of E1M1. A few conveniently placed barrels get rid of the enemies.

The BFG is easily obtainable here, which is good considering there's a Cyberdemon out the window. So much for showing restraint. :)

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Across the room is a doorway leading to some dark hallways.


These Lost Souls are as boring as the architecture.

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thumb8.jpg (9986 bytes)

The blue key, and uh.. 600 cells.

Open the two computer panels back there for two rocket-filled secrets. Also, activate the small indentation on the wall here to open the locked RL room you recently passed.

Ah, the RL. And a full 50 rockets.

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You can venture outside the windows in the E1M1 room to meet the Cyber and Hell Knights, but I can't think of a good reason why you'd want to

A sorta interesting looking secret area off the E1M1 room.

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thumb13.jpg (12767 bytes)

Ah, these four soul spheres should come in handy.

Btw, there's a fifth one behind the column. ;p

Ok, we're finished with the E1M1esque section.

Backtracking, this is a secret passage off of the main hallway. Those Imps are about to explode violently.

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Following the main hallway (and passing the locked exit door) we eventually arrive outside.

All is quiet.. until you make the mistake of firing.

Oh shit.

Better just grab the red key and run.

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thumb17.jpg (12515 bytes) Here's the exit, complete with beautifully misaligned texture.


That was a rather short level, and far from spectacular.
Still, it wasn't that horrible, either. Let's go on.

On to Level 2