Columbine High School shooting archive - On April 20, 1999 Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold took the lives of 13 victims and their own lives

[ est. 4 21 1999 ]
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Eric Harris' Webpages
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Eric had an active online presence: He participated in a number of pastimes via the internet which included playing Doom deathmatches and being involved in a Quake team. He made websites where he posted about the games he played and had more than one screenname he chatted with on AOL and WBS. He distributed the levels (wads) he made for the first-person shooter games he liked to play. He posted the lyrics of his favorite songs on his websites and he wrote rage-filled rants about life, web-postings that became the subject of much public scrutiny after the April 20, 1999.

In the months that followed the shootings, the contents of the pages were sealed by the FBI and it was hard to locate this info once AOL and WBS removed the content once the FBI was done with it. I managed to save several of the files from his accounts before the directories were deleted but the HTML files from the AOL accounts were already gone by that point. I did find the HTML from a couple of his WBS pages, which contained bad "Jo Mamma" jokes and song lyrics. Through various sources I tracked down scans of the text versions of several of his AOL pages but it's only the text the investigators printed out; what the actual website looked like is lost.

Back in 1999, to give a better sense of what the site might have offered I displayed the graphics I'd saved along with relevant links that I'd tracked down. Unfortunately these display pages were mistaken by some readers to be Eric's own pages and were been copied and posted on other websites with claims that they were his actual web pages. They are not. The actual pages were removed from the 'net by the FBI before the media released the URLs via the media to the public. The AOL directories are mirrored here as they looked when I accessed them shortly after the shootings - after the FBI got through with them. Those directories were taken down a week after the URLs were made public, probably when AOL realized that people could still access the directories even though the HTML pages were gone. Anyway, to combat confusion (there's enough misinformation about this case as it is) I've since added disclaimer notes to the pages I created. If you see content elsewhere that resembles the pages I've noted, you can be sure they're just mirrors of my original mocked-up display pages, not Eric's website.