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Eric Harris Doom Wads screenshots
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I've checked out all of the wads Eric (REB) made that I've been able to find (available for download here). I used Doom 95 with a Doom2.wad on Windows 98 to make these screenshots. I played UAC Labs many times and never beat it: I didn't used cheats and without them, it's virtually impossible to defeat the hordes of enemies Eric throws at you. While touring the levels, I took some screenshots of the deathmatch levels that Eric created. You can find links to each wad's screenshot pages below. I've also uploaded sound files from the levels Eric made. You can find them on the Audio and Video page.

Note: I have successfully loaded these wads in Doom II with ZDoom (offsite link) on Windows 7. I have not tried it with GZDoom yet, but that program is an update for ZDoom and worked fine with MyHouse.wad (offsite link) on Windows 10, so I'm guessing it will work with these.

Click on the links to see more screenshots from each level.

The following level's screenshots come from a mirror of someone else's now-defunct site.

UAC Labs wad by REB
UAC Labs

The following screenshots are from levels I wasn't able to get copies of. The images came from REB's website directories.
Techout - wad by Eric Harris that hasn't surfaced
Thrasher - another wad by Eric Harris that hasn't been found