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Sound files having to do with the Columbine shooting. Some are very old, and may not play correctly on modern software. Quality is a major issue. Some files do not have stereo sound, though they can still be heard. These clips have been posted for educational purposes and do not challenge any copyrights held.


  • (Audio) Dylan talking to Jefferson County Magistrate Jack DeVita at his court date in January 1998
    Dylan was caught breaking into a van with Eric in January. He was assigned to a juvenile diversion program and under the stipulation that he would not be allowed to own a gun for a period of time. He was released from the program early with high commendations from the individual who signed him out.

  • DeVita: "What kind of grades do you get?"
    Dylan: "C-minus, sir. C-plus, B-minus average."
  • (Audio) Eric talking to Jefferson County Magistrate Jack DeVita at his court date in January 1998
    Same situation as above, only Eric was also ordered to attend anger management sessions. His mother also began taking him to a therapist, who prescribed Luvox®.

  • DeVita: "Where do you go to school?"
    Eric: "Columbine High School."
    DeVita: "And what grade are you in?"
    Eric: "I'm a junior."
  • (Audio) Another clip of Eric speaking to the judge.

  • DeVita: "Now this was the first time you went out and engaged in this kind of activity, isn't it?"
    Eric: "Yes, sir."
    DeVita: "Why don't I believe that?"
  • (Audio) Jefferson County Magistrate Jack DeVita 1999.
    DeVita reflects on how the shooters were able to fool everybody. (More on this here.)
  • (Audio) News clipping feat. Dylan and Nate Dykeman
    From a video they made on the way to school one day.
  • (Audio) Wav from one of Eric's home-made Doom levels
    Man: "Oh, my lord! What have I done to deserve this?!"
  • (Audio) Another wav from Eric's Doom levels
    Man: "Get over here!"
    (From Mortal Kombat game originally.)
  • (Audio) Basement tape quotes
    Excerpted from one of five tapes made in the basement prior to the school shooting, wherein Eric and Dylan complain about classmates Nick, Rachel and Jen. Foul language was censored by the news station when it aired on television but if you want to know what was said you can read it in the transcript of the tapes.
  • (Audio) More basement tape quotes
    A continuation where the above left off.
  • (Audio) 911 calls and police dispatch communications (1)
    This recording is begins with the diversionary explosion in a field on Wadsworth at 11:19 AM and continues well past the shootings in the library. Almost 40 minutes long (about 50 megs).
  • (Audio) 911 calls and police dispatch communications (2)
    This file is about 51 megs. I listened to this one straight off the Columbine Report CD and it was similar to the above, only broken up with police dispatch jargon and chatter. Gives a good idea of the chaos of the day on all ends.
  • (Audio) 911 call from teacher Patti Nielson, in the library
    (37 seconds)
    This call was made from the library right before Dylan and Eric entered it for the first time. The call lasted about 20 minutes though Patti was only on the phone for about 4 minutes of it. About that time the boys entered the library and she abandoned the phone to seek a better hiding place. The rest of the recording is the sound of the shooters destroying the library and killing people. This wav clip is only 37 seconds of the call.
  • (Audio) Patti Nielson's 911 call from the library - "full" version
    (8:39 minutes)
    This file starts at the beginning of Patti's call and goes for over 8 minutes. The sound cuts out at 5:22 where the audio was redacted before it hit the public. It picks up again at 8:11. There is no truly full version available to the public but you can see a transcript of most of what happened in the library after Patti fell silent here. WARNING! The end includes the heart-wrenching screams of Valeen Schnurr which are incredibly disturbing to hear.
  • (Audio) 911 calls from students and neighbors
    911 calls made by after the killers entered the school.
  • (Audio) 911 calls from students and neighbors
    More 911 calls made after the killers entered the school.
  • (Audio) Matthew Depew's 911 call from the kitchen
    A student at Columbine and the son of one of the deputies calls 911 from his hiding place in the kitchen.
  • (Audio) Makai Hall describes what happened in the library
    In an interview shortly after the shootings while he was still under medical care.
  • (Audio) Evan Todd describes the weapons the gunmen used
    In an interview shortly after the shootings.
  • (Audio) Angel
    Clips of people reacting to what they have just seen in Littleton. Includes on-scene audio from kids who were just freed from the school. Some of them were in the library during the shooting and it's obvious from their voices just how upset they are. These clips overlay Sarah McLachlan's song "Angel". I did not make this. It was emailed to me years ago. No challenge to copyright is intended. It is only here because of the news audio.