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This is an archive of various Columbine sound and video files having to do with the shooting. Audio and news clips; audio from the Basement Tapes and juvenile diversion hearings of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold; 911 calls made from inside the school, including a full version of Patti Nielson's harrowing call from the library; a video tour of Columbine and more can be found here.

Some files are locally hosted, some are offsite due to size. Some are very long, so it might take a while to download on slower connections. Some are also very old. Quality has degraded and some may not play correctly on modern software. Some videos do not have stereo sound, though they can still be heard.

WARNING: Some clips contain disturbing imagery and sounds. Please listen/watch with caution. These media files are posted with the intention to drive home how awful this event was. It is not something to glorify or take inspiration from. Real people were hurt. Innocent lives were forever destroyed. And the two people at the root of it killed themselves. This is nothing to imitate.

Columbine sound files Columbine video files

Eric Harris ketchup at drive thruDrive-thru Clerk: (hands driver a fast-food bag) You want salt or pepper?

 Driver: Nope.

 Eric: ...salt or pepper? Yeah. A little ketchup with my Cinna-minis. Yummy-yummy.

All news broadcasts remain the property of their respective agencies. These clips have been posted for educational purposes and do not challenge any copyrights held.