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Video files and news clips about the Columbine shooting. Some are locally hosted, some are offsite due to size. Some are very long, so might take a while to download on slower connections. Some are also very old and may not look good or play correctly on modern software. Quality is a major issue. Some videos do not have stereo sound, though they can still be heard. All news broadcasts remain the property of their respective agencies. These clips have been posted for educational purposes and do not challenge any copyrights held.

Patti Nielson relives Columbine in Zero Hour documentary.

Anne Marie Hochhalter describes surviving Columbine.


More videos linked below.

  • (Video) Patti Nielson relives Columbine
    Featured in the Zero Hour documentary (2010).
    See the full video here (offsite link).
  • (Video) Video of bombs going off and the shooters in the cafeteria
    This is the security camera footage from the cafeteria, trimmed down to include only the portions where the shooters were actively attacking the room.
  • (Video) Compilation of news during the shooting
    Several clips of news broadcasts from CNN Headline News during the shooting and President Bill Clinton's speech. Trigger warning: Includes triage footage of injured victims, survivor interviews right after they were freed from the school including the library, Patrick Ireland's escape from the library window, and other emotional moments.
  • (Video) Inside the Harris home
    Video footage inside the vacant Harris home.
  • (Video) Anne Marie Hochhalter 2009 interview
    Anne Marie Hochhalter describes what it was like to survive being shot outside Columbine on April 20, 1999.
  • (Info and transcript) Basement Tapes
    Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold's home video shot in the Harris basement. They rant and storm and show off their sawed-off shotguns.
  • (Videos and info) Home videos of and by Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold
    Class projects, home movies, and more created by Harris and Klebold with the help of friends and classmates. Includes Rampart Range footage, Hitmen for Hire, Radioactive Clothing, and more.
  • (Video and info) Fire Department Training Tape
    WARNING: GRAPHIC FOOTAGE. Video made by the Littleton Fire Department of Columbine High School after the shooting. More info about it here:
  • (Video) Tour of Columbine 1999
    Press tour through Columbine in 1999, after repairs were mostly done but before the library was torn down to make way for the atrium.
  • (Channel) A Columbine Site on YouTube
    Contains a few small video clips. Due to YouTube's takedown tactics, these are mostly news clips and other non-controversial videos.
  • (Multimedia) Jefferson County Columbine High materials
    Several videos and other information items available for a fee, directly from Jefferson County, Colorado.