Columbine High School shooting archive - On April 20, 1999 Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold took the lives of 13 victims and their own lives

est. 4 21 1999
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Deathmatch in Bricks
This is a screenshot-walkthrough of Eric Harris' Doom II level: Bricks. The following images have been resized for quicker uploading. If you want to see the full sized image just click on the thumbnail.

The customized titlescreen Eric made: Ya freakin' nut!

All of the 6 levels I went through were designed with deathmatch in mind. Eric and Dylan seemed to prefer targets with a thinking mind behind them.

One of the 'secrets'. This lift is actually very, very huge. Takes forever to go up and down, making it clunky as well as obvious. This one was one of his most detailed wads but he the textures needed more work here and there. This isn't the only place where it shows.

This is a particularly fun encounter. There's actually 2 of these fellows, the other's to the left. Impaled thusly, these once-humans are still twitching spastically on their poles. It's really rather unsettling to see, flanked by a stage of a whole hoard of missiles. I thought about making this an animated gif to capture the effect.

More prime items en masse. Ammo and medicine were very plentiful for those who wanted to stalk each other for a while.

...and for the lucky (or quick) there's the BFG (big f*cking gun), of course. Muwahaha. Lookit my eyes glow.

Coming up out of the secret, we find an abundance of goodies to grab.

Ahh. A head on a spike this time. Tasty.

There's the twitching fellow again. Above him is the graffiti: Email me! Email me! There are little Doom characters slaughtering each other as well.

Eric lets us know what he thinks of us.

Another lovely specimen just hangin' around. This one's been disembowled. His innards actually hung down his legs, you just can't see it from this angle.

This guy wasn't twitching, unlike his brethren out front.

A tease for the BFG? Or just a tease? Kind of creepy post-mortem.

A pep-talk and a warning before you're dumped into the next level.