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Columbine Audio - Video Archive

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This page is a list of the audio and video clips that can be found scattered throughout this site. Some of the following are very long, very large files and may take an eternity to download if you're not on DSL or better. You will need Quicktime (or an equivalent player) to view the videos. Some of the clips are external links and may have disappeared while I wasn't looking so if you've updated your Quicktime and a link's still not working, please email me and I'll check it out. These media files (and more) are available on CD-ROM for research purposes.

Icon by harikuyoaDrive-thru Clerk: (hands driver a fast-food bag) You want salt or pepper?

 Driver: Nope.

 Eric: ...salt or pepper? Yeah. A little ketchup with my Cinna-minis. Yummy-yummy.

  • (Audio) Dylan talking to Jefferson County Magistrate Jack DeVita at his court date in January 1998
    Dylan was caught breaking into a van with Eric in January. He was assigned to a juvenile diversion program and under the stipulation that he would not be allowed to own a gun for a period of time. He was released from the program early with high commendations from the individual who signed him out.

  • DeVita: "What kind of grades do you get?"
    Dylan: "C-minus, sir. C-plus, B-minus average."

  • (Audio) Eric talking to Jefferson County Magistrate Jack DeVita at his court date in January 1998
    Same situation as above, only Eric was also ordered to attend anger management sessions. His mother also began taking him to a therapist, who prescribed Luvox®.

  • DeVita: "Where do you go to school?"
    Eric: "Columbine High School."
    DeVita: "And what grade are you in?"
    Eric: "I'm a junior."

  • (Audio) Another clip of Eric speaking to the judge.

  • DeVita: "Now this was the first time you went out and engaged in this kind of activity, isn't it?"
    Eric: "Yes, sir."
    DeVita: "Why don't I believe that?"

  • (Audio) Jefferson County Magistrate Jack DeVita 1999.
    DeVita reflects on how the shooters were able to fool everybody. (More on this here.)

  • (Audio) News clipping feat. Dylan and Nate Dykeman
    From a video they made on the way to school one day.

  • (Audio) Wav from one of Eric's home-made Doom levels
    Man cries: "Oh, my lord! What have I done to deserve this?!"

  • (Audio) Another wav from Eric's Doom levels
    Man demands in a deep voice: "Get over here!"

  • (Audio) Basement tape quotes
    Excerpted from one of five tapes made in the basement prior to the school shooting, wherein Eric and Dylan complain about classmates Nick, Rachel and Jen. Foul language was censored by the news station when it aired on television but if you want to know what was said you can read it in the written transcript of the tapes.

  • (Audio) More basement tape quotes
    A continuation where the above left off.

  • (Audio) 911 calls and police dispatch communications (1)
    This recording is begins with the diversionary explosion in a field on Wadsworth at 11:19 AM and continues well past the shootings in the library. Almost 40 minutes long (about 50 megs).

  • (Audio)911 calls and police dispatch communications (2)
    This file is about 51 megs. I listened to this one straight off the Columbine Report CD and it was similar to the above, only broken up with police dispatch jargon and chatter. Gives a good idea of the chaos of the day on all ends.

  • (Audio) Jefferson County Channel #1 Radio Traffic - 11:20 am - 11:51 am

  • (Video) Jefferson County Columbine High materials
    Several videos and other information items available for a small fee, directly from Jefferson County, Colorado.

  • (Audio) 911 call from teacher Patti Nielson, in the library
    This call was made from the library right before Dylan and Eric entered it for the first time. The call lasted about 20 minutes though Patti was only on the phone for about 4 minutes of it. About that time the boys entered the library and she abandoned the phone to seek a better hiding place. The rest of the recording is the sound of the shooters destroying the library and killing people. This wav clip is only 37 seconds of the call.

  • (Audio/Video) Patti Nielson's 911 call from the library - "full" version
    This file starts at the beginning of Patti's call and goes for over 4 minutes, ending right as the shooters enter the library. It has a text transcript overlay so you can read what's being said when it gets hard to understand because of the gunfire and smoke alarms going off, however that transcript isn't entirely accurate. You can read what's really said here, up to the point where the gunmen enter and start shooting people. There is no truly full version available to the public but you can see a transcript of what happened in the library after Patti fell silent here.

  • (Audio) 911 call with fire alarm in background (approx 11:31am)

  • (Audio) 911 dispatch and calls at 11:33 am
    Approximately 18 minutes

  • (Audio) Jefferson County Channel #2 Radio Traffic - 11:25 am - 12:09 pm

  • (Audio) Jefferson County Channel #1 Radio Traffic - 11:51 am - 12:18 pm

  • (Audio) 911 calls from students and neighbors
    More 911 calls made by students and neighbors after the killers entered the school.

  • (Audio) Matthew Depew's 911 call from the kitchen
    A student at Columbine and the son of one of the deputies calls 911 from his hiding place in the kitchen.
  • (Video) Students evacuated (approximately 2:48 pm)

  • (Video) Airspace closed 1.5 miles (2:40 pm - 2:50 pm)

  • (Video) Huge exodus and evacuation of students (appx. 2:56 pm)

  • (Video) Names of students posted (appx. 3:23 pm)

  • (Video) Bomb squads sweep the school (appx. 6:01 pm)

  • (Video) More bomb squad activity (appx. 6:30 pm)

  • (Video) President Clinton Addresses the Nation on 4-20-1999

  • (Video) Fire Alarm Strobe and Horn Activation

  • (Video) Example of the Maze of Rooms as Encountered by the SWAT Teams

  • (Video) Cafeteria surveillance tape
    Footage inside the cafeteria when Dylan and Eric tried to ignite the propane bombs they'd left there.

  • Footage and interviews pt. 1
    News clips and interviews with people close to the shooting. This part includes an interview with Tiffany Typher, Eric Harris' date to the prom.

  • Footage and interviews pt. 2
    News clips and interviews with people close to the shooting. This part includes an interview with Dylan Klebold's aunt and uncle as well as one with the rabbi who presided over Dylan's funeral.

  • Inside the Harris home
    Video footage inside the vacant Harris home.

  • Basement Tapes
    Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold's home video shot in the Harris basement. They rant and storm and show off their sawed-off shotguns.

  • Rampart Range video
    Dylan and Eric go out to the shooting range to test out the weapons they would later use to shoot up their school with.

  • Hitmen for Hire
    Eric and Dylan make a video portraying themselves as the defenders of the underdog and killers of bullies. Filmed in and around Columbine High School.