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Funerals of the Columbine victims
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Three days after the shootings, the funerals began. None of them had less than 1,000 people at each one. CNN televised the funeral of Rachel Scott and it become the most-watched thing they'd aired up till that point. Hundreds and hundreds of people turned out to say farewell to each of the Columbine victims. Each funeral was special in its own way, just like the person who was buried.

Below you will find photos of the victims's funerals and gravesites. The images of the funerals below were taken with the knowledge of the families of the victims and are posted here to help illustrate just how tragic an event this truly was. You will not find any images of the killers's funerals as their parents kept the events small and private. Their burial locations are unknown; it's been said that one or both were cremated to prevent tampering with the graves.

To learn more about each individual, please see the Deceased page.

Corey DePooter grave
Corey DePooter's grave.
Lauren Townsend grave
Lauren Townsend's grave.

Isaiah Shoels funeral
Isaiah Shoels funeral
Isaiah Shoels coffin
Isaiah Shoels' funeral.

Dave Sanders funeral
Dave Sanders grave
Dave Sanders grave
Coach William "Dave" Sanders's funeral and grave.

Dan Mauser and Kelly Fleming funeral
Dan Mauser's and Kelly Fleming's funeral
Funeral for Dan Mauser and Kelly Fleming
Daniel Mauser and Kelly Fleming's funerals were held at the same time. Kelly's is the green casket.

Daniel Mauser coffin Dan Mauser grave
Daniel Mauser's casket and grave.

Kelly Fleming burial
Kelly Fleming grave
Kelly Fleming's casket and grave.
Kyle Velasquez funeral
Kyle Velasquez's funeral

Cassie Bernall funeral
Cassie Bernall's funeral.
Matt Kechter funeral
Matt Kechter's funeral.
Rachel Scott funeral
Rachel Scott's funeral
Rachel Scott coffin
Rachel's mother, Beth Nimmo, signed her daughter's coffin.
Rachel Scott's teacher signs her coffin
Rachel's teacher signs her coffin.
Rachel Scott's casket
Rachel's coffin
Rachel Scott's grave
Mementos left on Rachel's grave at
Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens.
Rachel Scott's grave 2001
Rachel Scott's grave, 2001
Rachel Scott's grave 2004
Rachel Scott's grave, 2004
2001 memorial service in Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens cemetery
2001 memorial service over the graves of
Rachel Scott, Dave Sanders and Corey DePooter.