Columbine victims | Dead
Those who were died during the Columbine shooting
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The victims who were killed at Columbine. So much pain was brought by their murders. Friends and family mourn the loss of individuals who were taken too soon from life. Even those who never knew them shed tears for them. Worldwide, people are still impacted by this sad tragedy. Every year that passes is another year that their loved ones go on without them. Their lives are only memories now.

Information in the pages below is what has been made publicly available, resourced primarily from the Columbine Report, interviews, families' books, and news reports. If information seems to be sparse in some areas, it is because that individual's family hasn't volunteered more. If anyone related to the the people below would like more added, they are welcome to submit the information to the author at the Contact link found in the Sitemap.

This section provides additional detail to the information found on the events of 4-20-1999 page and goes along with the stories in the pages dedicated to those who were Injured.

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