Columbine victims
The victims of the Columbine High massacre
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When they attacked Columbine High School, the shooters injured 24 individuals and killed 13 more before committing suicide. All but 3 of their victims were injured by gunfire. The people who survived, their families and those of the people who died, were left to grapple with a horrific situation they could barely comprehend. The hours following the massacre were filled with chaos, fear, confusion, and panic as parents scrambled to locate their children and the media scrambled to cover the event.

The SWAT team eventually rescued the few survivors who couldn't save themselves. Those who were wounded and those who survived the day without physical injury have walked the road to mental and physical recovery as best they could. Funerals were held and memorials were erected in honor of those who died. Families have tried to heal in the wake of this tragic event. The sections below are devoted to the victims and their struggles.

+ 4-20-1999 Surviving Columbine + (1, 2)
Photo gallery of what happened outside of Columbine when students and teachers were able to escape the school. Also see photos of Leawood Elementary where many parents waited for news about their children and pictures of the triage areas set up near the school. (Some images are graphic in nature - viewer discretion advised.)
+ Columbine 911 Calls +
Detailed information about and sound clips of the calls made from inside the school and by those outside of the school during the shootings.
+ Columbine Victims: the Dearly Departed +
Photos of and information about those who were killed at Columbine. Includes some present-day updates about the families of the deceased.
+ Columbine Victims: the Injured +
Photos of and information about the students who were injured by gunfire and survived, and information about and photos of their families.
Includes some present-day updates.
+ Columbine Victims: the Uninjured +
Information about those survived the day without physical harm. First-hand witnesses of death and destruction. Many ran for their lives under fire. Their wounds cannot be seen, but are just as real.
+ Columbine Memorial Photos + (1, 2, 3)
Photos of memorials and memorial services held over the years in honor of the Columbine victims.
+ Funeral Ceremonies and Graves +
Photos of the funerals and gravesites of those killed at Columbine.
+ Aftermath +
Year-by-year updates on what happened to those that survived, up to present day. Includes photos and information about the victims and the renovated Columbine High School, and other related news over the years since the shootings.
+ Graduating Class of 2002 +
Photos of the last class to graduate who attended the school at the time of the shootings.

Lauren Townsend
Lauren Townsend scuba diving (
Lauren Townsend and mom Dawn Anna