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Memorials for the victims of Columbine
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The following photos are of the various memorials that were erected in the wake of the tragedy, from the ones on Rebel Hill at Clement Park where the 15 crosses once stood to the heaps of flowers and teddy bears deposited at Columbine's tennis courts and on the cars of the kids who died. Thousands of people stopped by to offer their condolences and to leave these gifts to the memory of those who died.

Many of the photos below have been scaled-down to speed load-time. Click on linked images to see bigger versions.

Rachel Scott's car Rachel Scott's car became a Columbine memorial
Rachel's car
Rachel Scott's car was turned into a memorial by Wednesday 21, 1999...

John Tomlin's truck John's truck was a Columbine memorial was John Tomlin's truck, as were other cars belonging to students who died during the massacre.

Columbine parking lot memorial

13 roses tucked into the fence at the Columbine High tennis courts

The tennis courts have been covered by mourners with flowers and mementos.

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